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Naples Statistics

Blog posts about statistical drivers in the Naples real estate market

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 naples sunset

Locals already know the appeal of living in Naples, but now the rest of the world is beginning to see and experience some of its allure. Naples just ranked second on the list of 2020’s best small cities.

The ranking comes from a marketing and branding website called Resonance. It considered a city’s ranking in terms of a variety of categories, including landmarks and sites, museums, dining experiences and more.

While around two-dozen factors were analyzed in all, the website gave Naples some of the highest marks for its amenities and its quality of life. Together they helped push Naples to the very top spot in the category of “place”.

In particular, Resonance pointed out all of the city’s beaches and locations to experience life outdoors.

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vanderbilt beach - naples fl

If you’re looking for the best beach town in the nation to live and play, it’s time to make the move to Naples. WalletHub recently put Naples in the number one spot when it comes to its ranking of “2020’s Best Beach Towns to Live in”.

WalletHub looked at more than 190 cities across the nation, then ranked the locations with more around 60 livability indicators. It then divided up the list to lake beach towns and ocean beach towns.

With every category under consideration, Naples received a total score of more than 62, putting it at the very top of the list of “Best Ocean Beach Towns to Live in”. The city ranked 30 in terms of affordability, 100 for weather, 69 for safety and 42 for economy.

WalletHub also considered the categories of education

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naples square - naples fl

Despite some uncertainty around the nation, the Naples housing market continues to be desirable. By late last year analysts had already made predictions of rapid growth and development in 2020.

By the end of January, home sales in Naples were up more than 21-percent from a year ago. By month’s end, pending sales were up about 33-percent from the previous year.

The newly released February 2020 Market Report suggests that trend continued the following month. Released by the Naples Area Board of Realtors, the market report tracks home listings and sales across much of Collier County.

It seems the positive trend we saw back in January continued through the next month, as well. The report shows overall closed sales for February were up 29-percent

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naples beach sunset

If you’re hoping to make it to the century mark, consider a move to Naples. According to those who track longevity, there are “longevity hotspots” all over the world, including right here in the United States.

Living in such a place is said to help make it easier to make healthy lifestyle choices. This could include a place with a large number of neighborhood groups or simply a place with easier access to a farmer’s market than fast food.

According to Parade magazine, good health care, affordable housing and social opportunities can all help with longevity. That’s why the magazine recently put Naples in the number four spot when it comes to the best places to live to reach the age of 100.

The publication ranked eight U.S. cities, including

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isles of collier preserve - naples fl

Home sales are booming in South Naples right now, particularly in the popular communities of Fiddler’s Creek, Naples Reserve and Isles of Collier Preserve. Stock Development reports it’s already been a great year for the company, with several models currently open for viewing in all three neighborhoods.

Since the beginning of May alone, Stock reports a summer sales pace of 113 new home contracts, totaling more than $117 million. For all of 2019, Stock reports 238 home sales, worth an estimated $279 million.

In particular, at Isles of Collier Preserve potential buyers can tour 12 model homes right now. The community consists of three series of homes designs from Stock, starting at around 2,400 square feet of living space. Home designs from Stock

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early retirement in naplesGraphic: Magnify Money

If you’re searching for a place to spend your Golden Years, Naples is the place to be. Time after time the city’s been named a top city for retirees, with the most recent designation calling it the number one city for early retirement.  The latest ranking comes from the personal finance website Magnify Money. It puts Naples at the top of the list for what it calls a “FIRE” retirement.

According to the website, FIRE stands for a city where you can be “financially independent” and “retire early”. Those who practice FIRE hope to achieve as early of a retirement as possible, but only at a time when they’ve been able to attain enough financial independence that they no longer need conventional employment to sustain their

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 naples fl family

Photo: Nathan Rupert

If you’re searching for a family-friendly location, Florida’s definitely at the top of any list. Afterall, the state is filled with family fun, from its theme parks to its beaches. In particular, though, certain cities rank particularly high in a variety of family-friendly categories.

The city gets an “A” from WalletHub when it comes to its “Best & Worst Cities for Florida Families”. A few years back the website ranked Naples as number five overall, but number one in terms of health, safety and education.

That’s not surprising considering the large number of exceptional schools in Naples. Many of the area’s great schools are also close to family-friendly neighborhoods, which is extremely appealing for local parents.

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marco island

Already popular for their beaches, shopping, cultural attractions and entertainment options, it seems Marco Island and Naples are also among Florida’s safest cities. Both locations recently ranked high on a number of lists comparing the safest cities in the Sunshine State.

According to an analysis by the National Council for Home Safety and Security, Marco Island comes in at number three in terms of “The Safest Cities in Florida” for 2019. Right behind it is Naples in the number four spot. Marco Island boasts a low rate of violent crimes and fewer property crimes than many other Florida cities it compared.

Another website called HomeSnacks crunched FBI data to come up with its own list of the “10 Safest Cities in Florida for 2019”. In that

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brookside - naples fl

If you’re in love with the look of a Mid-century Modern home, you’re sure to find some fantastic options in Naples. While you won’t find as many as you used to, they still exist if you know where to look.

Most of these Naples homes were constructed between the 1940s to the mid-1960s. While unfortunately some have been replaced by more modern home designs, you can still find a great home if you act quickly.

Some of the local neighborhoods you may want to start your search for a Mid-century Modern home include Lake Park, Midtown, Brookside and Big Cypress. While it’s likely you’ll need to put in some time and money for renovations, the results are certainly worth it.

Lake Park sits near the zoo and the mall, plus it offers a number of

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bob seger - naples flPhoto: Tamara

You don’t have to be a celebrity to live in Naples, but it’s likely you’ll run into one or two if you do. Big name entertainers and personalities are just as attracted to Florida’s Paradise Coast as the rest of us, and that makes it pretty likely you’ll spot a celebrity in the Naples area.

It’s something that’s been happening for years. It’s said President Cleveland’s sister was the very first to sign in when the original Naples Hotel opened its doors in the late 1800s. Since then it’s attracted the likes of Thomas Edison and Gary Cooper.

Flash forward to more recent years and we’ve had several reports of celebrity sightings in Naples, including singer Keith Urban, his wife actress Nicole Kidman, singer Steven Tyler, and celebrity

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