Naples Popular With Canadians Searching For Homes

Canadians looking for a second home prefer Naples more than most other cities in the U.S., according to  Canadian home seekers rank Naples fifth on their wish list for an international home in the United States, and with a population of 20,000, the city ranks ahead of most large metro areas.  Naples places fifth after Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami.  Canadians continue to buy up real estate in Southwest Florida.  Naples has a lot to offer---world-class beaches, golf, fine restaurants, and luxury shopping.  It’s also quiet, safe and a class act.

Naples and the rest of Southwest Florida have always been popular destinations for Canadians who want to escape their country’s harsh winters for warmer climates.  Naples is widely known internationally for its elite luxury reputation and high real estate prices.  Nevertheless, Canadians are the largest group of foreigners to buy homes in Naples and settle in during the winter.  Canadian “snowbirds” make up 8 percent of buyers of Lee County homes sold each year.  In Collier County, Canadians make up 6 percent of foreign homebuyers.  Canadians flock to Naples in large part because the area can be reached by car from North American locations.  

Canadians can drive to Naples.  They are surely motivated by lower prices of homes (for them), the strength of their dollar and their long cold winters.  They seek getaway homes in the warmer tropical locations.  They continue the strong buying trend in Naples.  The strength of the Canadian dollar and the drop in real estate prices in the Naples market are two big motivators for their investments here.  Many Canadians choose to live in Florida part-time because they don’t want to lose their residency or their publicly funded health benefits in their home country.  Canadians want everything from small affordable condos to large million dollar estates.

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