Naples Named Top Place To Live by US News & World Report

If you’re searching for a fantastic place to call home, you probably want to take a closer look at Naples. The city was just named a top place to live by US News & World Report. 

According to a new ranking on its website, Naples is the sixth best place to live in the nation. US News & World Report takes into consideration data from the US Census Bureau, the Department of Labor, the FBI, and it utilizes other internal resources, then categorizes its data into four indexes by taking into account a recent public survey on preferences of what people consider most important when deciding a place to live.

Those categories include quality of life, which encompasses things like well-being and healthcare, as well as air quality, education, the crime rate, and the average commute rate. Analysts also consider value, which takes into account annual household income and housing cost. 

Desirability takes into account where people say they want to live, the weather, and net migration. The job market takes into account average salary and the unemployment rate. In the latest ranking, Naples gets an overall score of 6.8, a 7.1 in terms of quality of life, and a 5.5 for value.

As the website points out, Naples is a favored location for affluent retirees, thanks to its many golf courses, its beaches, and its upscale shopping and dining. Naples is home to upwards of 370,000 people, but many of its residents are seasonal, and come to Florida during the cooler months of the year in search of blue skies, warmer temperatures, and sunshine.

Along with the most recent ranking, US News has also awarded Naples the honor of being number one in terms of the Safest Places to Live and number two in terms of the Best Places to Live in Florida, along with several other distinctions.

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