Fun Facts on the History Behind Naples Park

While locals have known of Naples Park for decades, the area is now covered under the umbrella of North Naples, at least according to interstate signage. Several years ago, the county started replacing the signs for Naples Park on I-75 with North Naples signs. While that’s a more recent fun fact about the history of Naples Park, it’s not the only one.

Range of home styles

First established in the 1950s, today you’ll find around 1,600 homes in Naples Park, which span the decades and include several architectural styles. It’s common to find everything from colorful bungalows to modern, multi-story homes in Naples Park.

Narrow lots

Some of these homes exist on extremely narrow lots, especially when compared with the rest of the county. While the norm was 75 feet wide, in Naples Park a typical lot was just 50 feet wide. Over the years some people have snapped up adjacent lots, which is how builders were able to construct some of the largest homes in the community today.

Outside of town 

When the neighborhood first went up, it covered 20 blocks on the outskirts of the county. When the interstate went in and added an interchange at Immokalee Road, however, some say Naples Park became the area’s largest and most recognizable community. 

Paved streets

It’s not just homes that went up around the Mid-Century mark. Members of the Naples Park Area Association were instrumental in getting streets paved in Naples Park in the late 1950s. The community became one of the very first in Florida with paved streets, tied to the passage of a state bill.

Building a clubhouse

Members of the same association next worked to construct a community clubhouse. They put down a $600 down payment for six lots, then financed the clubhouse with auctions, fish fries, and potluck dinners. Members also accepted donations and performed much of the labor required for the clubhouse, which opened in the early 1960s.

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