Food Truck Park Coming to East Naples

celebration park food trucks(Photo: David Corban Architect)

It’s time to prepare for an entirely new culinary experience, as a new food truck park is coming soon to East Naples. Planned for a spot just off Bayshore Drive, crews are now taking their first steps toward completion of the planned attraction, named Celebration Park.

While it’s expected that the venue won’t officially open up to diners until late summer or early fall, crews will be hard at work, in the meantime, constructing a tiki bar, restrooms and making space for around a dozen food trucks plus seating at the site. Actual construction of the project should take less than six months, but the entire idea has been in the planning stages for years.

The creator is the same force behind Three60 Market, noted as a desirable option for locally sourced food and affordable wine from around the globe. In fact, the soon to be hot spot of Celebration Park is going in right next door to the developer’s current restaurant, bringing a new option for diners in East Naples, right along Haldeman Creek.

When complete, the food truck park will offer two rows of food trucks, serving up a range of different options in cuisine. While the exact trucks on the list aren’t being released just yet, the developer behind the project plans for an eclectic mix of street food, and is said to be trying to find just the right mix for future patrons to enjoy.

This could mean everything from pizza to Indian food, fresh seafood to Lebanese cuisine. The trucks will then lead up to the tiki bar and pavilion looking out over the creek, and serving up around a dozen craft beers, champagne and wine.

All of this will be joined by possible additions such as a weekly artist and strolling musicians, creating a true destination for locals and for visitors alike at Celebration Park.

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