Discover the History Behind Luxury Architectural Styles in Naples

From Mediterranean to Spanish, Coastal Contemporary to Old Florida, some of the most popular architectural styles in  are perfect for luxury buyers. While some of these are new construction luxury homes, they can often be tied to different historical trends covering years and decades in the Naples area.

In the early 20th Century, many homes in Naples were influenced by Mediterranean architecture. This is why, even today, you’ll see some older home in Naples with stucco walls, archways, and red-tiled roofs. 

Over time, Naples began to see some Italianate and Spanish Colonial influence. With Spanish-style homes, you’ll often see tiled roofs, carved stonework, and sometimes parapets. Spanish-style homes also often come with several balconies overlooking courtyards, as well as curved or winding staircases and prominent archways.

By the late 1970s and 1980s, Polynesian-themed homes and buildings became more popular. By the 1990s and early 2000s, however, many of the luxury homes being built in Naples again returned to contain Mediterranean style points. These types of homes often including wrought iron embellishments and ornate detailing. 

Today, common architectural styles have returned to include other historical trends too, such as those that incorporate West Indies style points. While newer construction, the designs can be traced back to the origins of traditional British architecture used in the Caribbean colonies. Homes like these often include window shutters, low sloped metal roofs, high ceilings with open beams, as well as seamless indoor/outdoor space. 

There are also some Coastal Contemporary homes, known for their large windows and clean lines. These types of homes in Naples are ideal for a waterfront setting because they are designed to take in the views. 

Of course, Old Florida architecture also remains popular. Originally used in the 19th Century, these homes have a steeper pitch than British West Indies-style homes, but the roof is often made of metal. Sometimes these types of homes are raised off the ground with a wrap-around veranda and high ceilings.

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